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For visitors only reading english, we have some information for you here. The blog is in Norwegian, but parts of my homepage is in english, and can be found here, if you want to read more than we will share here:

We are Torunn and Svein-Martin Holt and live in Drammen in Norway. We have 3 children, but they are so old now, so they do not want to be with the old folks on vacation anymore, so this year we travel alone.

Here you can find a little about who we are, but we will mainly share some information with you from our travel in USA in august and september 2006.

The whole trip is planned in detail, and several interesting places are on the list to visit. More «general» places interesting for both of us, and more special places interesting for a «railfanner».

Part of the time shall we use for «Railfanning», waiting on trains on specific places to take the «dreampicture».

Everything is big in America, also the trains. The wife may not be so interested in this, so she will bring with her a book and will find some shadow when she wait. 🙂

Torunn og Svein-Martin

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